Kim Tzoumakas

Chief Executive Officer, Rayus Radiology

Kim Tzoumakas has served as a member of our Board of Directors since August 2020. Ms. Tzoumakas has served as CEO of Rays Radiology, a leading subspecialty practice for advanced diagnostic and interventional radiology, since 2021. Kim has over 25 years of healthcare leadership experience, most recently as the former CEO and current Board Member of 21st Century Oncology, one of the largest integrated cancer care networks in the world with revenue of $1 billion annually. She led the transformation of the company on behalf of the equity owners, including resolving significant financial and regulatory historical challenges, building a leadership team, rebranding and creating a culture, while developing a growth strategy which led to a successful sale to GenesisCare in May, 2020. At the time of the sale, 21st Century Oncology was a network of 3,000 team members, 900 physicians, 300+ locations in 15 states, and seven Latin American countries. The Latin America oncology care businesses was spun off and she continues to serve as President and Board Member of International Oncology Care, on behalf of its equity owners. She remains a board member of GenesisCare US and is the Chair of the Compliance Committee. Previously, Ms. Tzoumakas served as a healthcare legal advisor to some of the largest healthcare providers in the country for over 20 years. She managed the Michigan office of Hall Render, a national health care law firm, while serving on the firm’s board and working closely with health care boards around governance, strategy and mergers and acquisitions. As part of the firm’s growth committee, the firm expanded to 11 states during her tenure. Throughout her career, she has maneuvered regulatory and strategic challenges for public and private companies and has served on the compensation committees, strategic growth committees and finance committees at various times. Ms. Tzoumakas earned a B.B.A. from Northwood University and a J.D. from Thomas Cooley Law School.

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