CHS-114 (CCR8)

A potentially best-in-class anti-CCR8 cytolytic antibody.

CHS-114 is a highly selective antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC)-enhanced anti-CCR8 antibody currently in a Phase 1/2 study alone and with toripalimab in patients with advanced solid tumors.


CCR8 is a chemokine receptor predominantly expressed by tumor infiltrating regulatory T cells (Tregs) that suppress the body’s anti-tumor immune response. Targeting CCR8 is a promising potential therapeutic strategy designed to selectively deplete tumor resident Tregs, reshape the tumor microenvironment and enhance anti-tumor immune response.

CHS-114 is an antibody that has the potential to specifically target and remove CCR8+ Treg cells in the tumor environment, promoting effector T cells in tumors and leaving Tregs in normal tissue unaffected.


CHS-114 is a human, afucosylated anti-CCR8 antibody designed to selectively target human CCR8 and preferentially deplete CCR8+ Treg cells within the tumor microenvironment and not effector T (Teff) cells in tumors or Tregs in normal tissue. In preclinical studies, CHS-114 induced ADCC and/or antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis (ADCP) pathways to deplete tumoral Treg cells. In addition, CHS-114 reduced tumor growth in murine models.


CHS-114 is currently being evaluated in a Phase 1 clinical trial (NCT05635643) as a monotherapy in advanced solid tumors. As reported in June 2023, early evidence of biological effect has been seen with CCR8+ regulatory T cell (Treg) depletion in peripheral blood following treatment with CHS-114, with no effect observed on non-CCR8+ Treg cells. To date, CHS-114 has exhibited an acceptable safety profile in cancer patients and dose escalation continues.

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