Our entrepreneurial mindset is fueled by our passion for helping patients.

Our Culture

Performance-driven, team-focused, and thoughtful in our decision-making.

At Coherus, we take a purpose-driven approach to everything we do. Our purpose is to develop and deliver therapies that extend the lives of patients living with life-altering illnesses. With a purpose like that you know that with every decision we make, every milestone we are trying to hit, every challenge we are overcoming, we are keeping the well-being of patients in mind.

What sets Coherus apart is the genuine care each employee brings to their work. This is a community of like-minded professionals who are passionately connected to our mission. Living our shared values creates a unique and vibrant workplace culture where everyone, regardless of their role, understands the impact they can have on the lives of cancer patients.

Philip Velez

Vice President, Human Resources

My experience in the past two years at Coherus has been highly rewarding. I enjoy cross-functional collaborations within the company that enable creative problem-solving and a greater sense of the big picture. Most importantly, I appreciate the open-door policy that fosters a healthy and well-balanced work environment.

Sruthi Ravindranathan, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist, Cellular Immunology

I enjoy working at Coherus knowing that my position has a clear purpose and that I am valued. I am proud of the company’s commitment to diversity, the respect for the individual and providing us with great salary and benefit packages. It is a wonderful feeling to be part of a company that has made many beneficial medical advancements and continues to work on treatments and cures for diseases that improve the lives of patients.
Alexis Lewis

Executive Assistant to Chief Medical & Regulatory Officer

Since starting with Coherus 8 years ago, I have changed roles several times as I’ve continued to grow in my career. It’s the type of place where you can wear multiple hats and get an understanding of how all the pieces of drug development and commercialization come together, which gave me the space to feel recognized and rewarded.

Claire Wiley

Director, Product Development

As Program Lead for toripalimab, the LOQTORZI approval was a profound moment for our company. LOQTORZI is the first FDA-approved immuno-oncology drug for the treatment of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC) and knowing the impact on the quality of life that this medication will have for patients is extremely rewarding.

Federico Baruffaldi

Director, Product Development

I feel proud and privileged being a part of the Coherus family for the past 7 years, working alongside some amazing people. Managing payroll and equity is a big responsibility, and I am grateful for Coherus for giving me the opportunity to complete my CEP certification, so I can bring more value to this role.

Mona Haddad

Director, Stock and Payroll

Coherus is a company that values work-life balance and promotes a holistic person-centered approach to motivate one’s best work. Beyond all the amazing company perks, my Coherus colleagues are the best. Leadership and managers are very transparent and approachable. Working at Coherus gives me great satisfaction as I get to do what I believe in.

Vinay Kumar

Director, Bioanalytical Sciences

Every day at Coherus brings a new challenge. The IT Team at Coherus gave me my first opportunity in the field, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I find it very rewarding that I get to put my educational background to use every day, whether it’s teaching our employees about best cybersecurity practices or solving problems for both hardware and software.

Erika Caoili

IT Desk Support Associate

When I joined Coherus in June 2021 as the Director and head of QC stability, I was inspired by the company mission to bring lifesaving therapeutics to patients at reduced costs without compromising quality. My team is responsible for conducting studies and establishing the storage condition and expiry date on the products we manufacture, so that the quality of the drug is maintained through patient use.
Sherilyn Campie

Director, Head of QC Stability

Coherus has provided me with the opportunity to demonstrate and grow my skills, and for that, I feel recognized and rewarded. What I really enjoy about Coherus’ company values is their flexibility, allowing me to thrive at work while keeping my personal life intact.

Carmen Martinez

Facilities Assistant

Our Core Values

Our values are an intrinsic part of who we are as a company. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, but we have each other’s backs. We take responsibility for the work, regardless of the outcome and we are thoughtful about how we get there. This balance of risk-taking married with our strong work ethic has created an environment where our employees thrive.

Driven, Results
Oriented to Deliver
Organizational Value

  • We hire a high level of intellect, experience and competency, with a strong commitment to deliver for the company.
  • A strong personal work ethic is expected, putting in the time required for success; senior management leads by example.
  • We create long-term value by delivering on goals and producing results throughout the organization.
  • We measure our results both based on “what we do” and “how we do them,” embracing frictionless interactions.

Balanced and Thoughtful Decision-

  • We ensure each team member has the opportunity to provide input/opinion.
  • Decision making is purposely iterative to ensure that we collect and process data, and that we understand implications.
  • We acknowledge that decisions will not always be made with full consensus or unanimity.
  • Once a decision is made, all team members align behind it and are accountable to maximize organizational success.

Team Focused

  • We thrive on the strength and power of our teams, each team member expert working issues through the team.
  • The team interacts in an objective, respectful way, depersonalizing and objectifying conflicts or issues.
  • We value an outgoing, friendly, participative demeanor coupled with strong convictions and a lack of self-interest.
  • We do not tolerate politics, personal agendas or accommodate ego needs. Such behavior is highly penalized.

Willingness to Take
Risk, Responsibility
and Demonstrate Initiative

  • Successful differential risk taking creates differential value; rational successful risk taking is rewarded.
  • Taking the initiative in addressing organizational challenges is highly valued.
  • We challenge assumptions, conventional wisdom, existing paradigms and embrace fresh thinking.
  • Team members don’t delegate or ask others to develop their work products or perform tasks they can do themselves.

Become part of our talented and passionate organization and make an impact.