Why Coherus?

Coherus BioSciences’ success is due in large measure to its dynamic and rewarding organizational culture, which has, to date, attracted one of the most highly talented, collaborative, motivated and productive groups of biotechnology team members in the industry. We embrace a very flat organizational team construct, with each person’s input and contribution respected and valued. Teams are self-directing, and hierarchy is minimized. This culture creates a personally rewarding corporate environment offering an amazing opportunity to work with a brilliant group of employees who are dedicated to making a major difference to patients.

We are driven by the purpose of our mission--to provide the highest quality biosimilar treatments to patients by providing them access to cost effective drugs that can have a major impact on their lives. Every member of the Coherus team is a highly specialized expert in his or her field, dedicated, motivated and passionate about expanding access to patients for life-saving therapeutics. We are committed to meeting the highest standards, inspiring our teammates and achieving our goals. We are a highly spirited team with a contagious high energy work environment delivering inspiring results.

Led by an elite team of industry veterans and experts who have developed the first generation of biologics, Coherus has the scientific capabilities, scalable business model and financial infrastructure required to forge new paths in the fast-evolving biosimilars marketplace.

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Corporate Culture & Values

  • Performance Driven, Results Oriented to Deliver Organizational Value:
    • We hire a high level of intellect, experience and competency, with a strong commitment to deliver for the company and its patients and stockholders.
    • A strong personal work ethic is expected, putting in the time required for success; senior management leads by example.
    • We create long-term value by delivering on goals and producing results throughout the organization.
    • We measure our results both based on “what we do” and “how we do them”, embracing frictionless interactions.
  • Team Focused:
    • We thrive on the strength and power of our teams, each team member expert working issues through the team.
    • The team interacts in an objective, respectful way, depersonalizing and objectifying conflicts or issues.
    • We value an outgoing, friendly, participative demeanor coupled with strong convictions and a lack of self-interest.
    • We do not tolerate office politics or personal agendas or accommodate ego needs—it is the team that counts.
  • Willingness to Take Risk, Responsibility and Demonstrate Initiative:
    • Successful differential risk taking creates differential value; rational successful risk taking is rewarded.
    • Taking the initiative in addressing organizational challenges is highly valued.
    • We challenge assumptions, conventional wisdom, existing paradigms and embrace fresh thinking.
    • Team members don’t delegate or ask others to develop their work products or perform tasks they can do themselves.
  • Balanced and Thoughtful Decision-Making:
    • We ensure each team member has the opportunity to provide input/opinion.
    • Decision-making is thoughtful, yet fast paced and iterative, so that our teams can collect and process data and to understand both the short-term and long-term implications of those decisions.
    • We acknowledge that decisions will not always be made with full consensus or unanimity, but we will continually move forward.
    • Once a decision is made, all team members align behind it and are accountable to maximize organizational success.