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Coherus Biosciences is an emerging biopharmaceutical company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with an entirely new model for developing safe, high-quality biosimilar therapeutics. Founded in 2010, Coherus already has formed global partnerships with top-tier pharma and filled the pipeline with five biologics that promise to be blockbusters in treating oncology and inflammatory diseases. Led by an elite group of biotech pioneers, Coherus is now reinventing the entire business of developing biologic medicines, from concept to commercialization, so that more people around the world can have greater access to quality therapeutics.

Every member of the Coherus team is an expert in their field, dedicated, motivated and passionate about expanding access to life-saving therapeutics. We are committed to meeting the highest standards, inspiring our teammates and achieving our goals.

We are:

  • Performance-Driven

    We hire a high level of intellect, experience and competency, with a strong commitment to the company. We all operate with honesty, integrity and quality.

  • Results-Oriented

    We create long-term value by delivering on goals and producing results. We measure our results based on “what we do” and “how we do it.” We value participation, strong convictions and a lack of self-interest.

  • Team-Driven

    We thrive on the strength and power of our teams, each team member expert in their position and contributing. Successful team members are flexible.

  • Willing to Take Risk and Demonstrate Initiative

    It is necessary to take risk to create value, and rational risk-taking is rewarded. We challenge assumptions and existing paradigms to embrace fresh thinking.

  • Balanced Decision-Making

    We ensure each team member has the opportunity to provide input, but we also acknowledge that decisions will not always be made with full consensus or unanimity. Once a decision is made, we all align behind it.

We’re in the process of building a team of focused, results-driven professionals who care about both the results we achieve and the means by which we achieve them. We’re looking for talented team players to become part of an extraordinary group of biopharmaceutical pioneers.

At Coherus we’re not just making biosimilars, we’re making history. Come join us!

We offer an excellent compensation and benefits package. View the positions for which we are now actively recruiting, but we’re continually seeking talent in all fields, so we encourage you to apply if you think you can contribute to our mission.

Coherus is an equal opportunity employer.

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Coherus is actively recruiting. Below are the latest openings:

Research Scientist, Downstream Process Development

Research Scientist – Upstream Process Development, Camarillo, CA

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Coherus: The New Model

The New Model

At Coherus Biosciences, we're pulling apart every link in the value chain to see what we can improve in drug discovery, molecular biology, development, production, clinical trials, manufacturing and launch. The result is a unique, new biotech business model that increases speed-to-market while decreasing costs for safe, high-quality biotherapeutics.

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Coherus: Science


The bedrock expertise of the Coherus team is our understanding of proteins and their development into medicines. Of the small community of people around the world with significant experience in biotherapeutic products, Coherus Biosciences has a dozen of them on the team.

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